Legal Name Change

A Legal Name Change is a permanent name change which corrects or alters an original birth certificate or registration. It does not include assumed names after you are married or nicknames you prefer to go by.

Legal Name Changes are lengthy processes — they often take three to six months — and require great attention to detail — any inaccurate information can delay an application.

Legal Name Change Application Forms are only available at Rangeland Agencies and our agents can assist you throughout the process.

What you need to apply for a Legal Name Change:

  • Proof of Name Document: either a Canadian birth certificate (which you must surrender and it will not be returned to you), Canadian citizenship card or certificate, or a permanent resident card.
  • Valid government-issued photo identification
  • Electronic fingerprinting for anyone 12 years and older

There might be additional requirements if you are married or if you are changing the name of a minor.