Annual Returns

All Alberta corporations must file an Annual Return with a registry office by a person with signing authority and a position in the company (for example director, shareholder, officers, or agent of the company). Link to our Reminder Page and we will email you a reminder when your Annual Return is due.

This is different from corporate returns for the purpose of taxation by the Federal and Provincial Government. The Government of Alberta mails out reminder notices for your corporate return to the registered address of the corporation before the anniversary of incorporation.

Changes to the corporation address, director, or the directors address’s can be updated when the corporate annual return is filed.

Additional forms are required to make those changes in the Alberta corporate registry.  Annual Returns can be processed without the reminder notice from the Government of Alberta; all you need is the name of the company or the corporate access number.

The Government of Alberta will cancel your corporation if you fail to file an Annual Return for two consecutive years. All outstanding annual returns and a reinstatement fee will be required to re-register your corporation.