what is hubdoc

Hubdoc does the data entry by reading key information from bills and receipts and turning it into usable data. Another benefit of using Hubdoc is that it allows you to snap a photo of the document with the app, which means you’ll never lose a receipt again. As a result, you can spend less time searching for lost receipts and more time focusing on running your business. Just scan or upload your documents, and Hubdoc will extract information from the documents. One of the most valuable features of Hubdoc is the ability to extract information from receipts, invoices, or bills. For example, you can use Hubdoc to extract information from your credit card statements, utility bills, receipts, invoices, or bills.

what is hubdoc

Accounting and bookkeeping practices can use Hubdoc to save time chasing documents from clients, do less data entry, and check transactions against original documents. Xero provides resources to help practices set up Hubdoc for their own use, and easily onboard small business clients. Hubdoc, a Xero-owned company, helps you spend less time chasing financial documents, and more time running your business. Since being acquired by Xero, Hubdoc continues to evolve into a feature-rich platform for Xero users to capitalize on. Accounting and bookkeeping practices spend hours of their time chasing client documents and doing manual data entry. With Hubdoc, these tasks are automated, so you and your clients get that time back plus the accurate data you need to make better decisions.

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SmartAudit shines when it comes to access management thanks to the role-based system. Users point out that DataSnipper is good in terms of feature compilation, as most appear to be really useful. With respect to pricing, there is no public information available https://www.bookstime.com/ for MindBridge (which is a pretty common thing for SaaS platforms). Powered by AI, it allows for spotting anomalies in monetary flows that can create potential risks. AppZen is an app that other finance industry types will appreciate more so than accountants.

You can now easily track your expenses and see how much you spent on each item. With this feature, you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on any given purchase. By automating the process of entering data, you’ll free up time to focus on what matters most – growing your business. So, if you’re tired of spending hours on end entering data into spreadsheets, then Hubdoc is the perfect solution for you. The AuditFile’s real-time dashboard seems to be an excellent choice for managers who need a bird’s-eye view of the whole audit process. AuditFile is all about user convenience and keeping track of all your financial audit activities.

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As signing papers is a regular part of any document flow, PandaDoc provides easy ways through which you can find, review, and approve documents. The app relies on its integrations with Excel to locate and reference required data as well what is hubdoc as entire documents. At the same time, the app ensures compliance by checking available information from thousands of databases. The app is geared towards financial analysis and automation, explicitly focusing on document approval.

SAI360 is yet another platform that can best be described as AuditFile’s twin. The app has extensive compliance and risk management features powered by AI. Since Hubdoc automatically extracts information from your receipts, invoices and bills, you no longer have to enter data manually. You don’t have to chase documents at the end of the month, quarter, or year. All your financial documents are securely stored and managed from one place, giving your business peace of mind.